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Automatic video editing

Turn any text, article or story into a video, in seconds

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Tellers enables anyone to create videos from written content

We are building the future of AI powered video editing

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Extend the reach of your content

Improved SEO

Having a video along with your article automatically improves your Google ranking.

Reach new communities

With Tellers you can easily generate a video version of your article to publish it on video platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, …

Create a base B-Roll and use it in any video editing software

Tellers lets you export a B-Roll to let you work in your video editing software of choice.

Improved accessibility

Generating video with a voice reading your article and subtitles enables anyone to access your content.

I was blown away by Tellers capabilities!
Unlike other AI-powered video generation tools, Tellers' approach ensures that the final video is not only visually stunning but also authentic and engaging furthermore the user experience is seamless and intuitive.

Nicola Lanzilotto

Very cool solution !! And so many possibilities : journalism of course, but also any advertising or consulting firm could use that kind of solution to give life to their written storytelling.

Méric Settembre

Had the chance to test the tool, and it's a real game changer for journalists and video makers that need images to illustrate a text.

Pierre Gerbaud

Tellers is an perfect tool for turning text into illustrated videos. The team is very responsive to feedback, and the tool is constantly improving. It's simple and effective. I highly recommend Tellers.

Dorian Ham
Set your stories in motion

Controllable video editing

Simply provide an article or script, choose your sources, and, in seconds, get an automatically generated video. Our tool requires no prior editing expertise but still gives you the freedom to rearrange clips, alter them, or even upload your own.

Automatic Video Editing illustration

Data sources

We understand that certain sources hold more credibility than others for you. With Tellers, you will always be able to choose which sources you want your clips and media to be drawn from.

We partnered with to let you generate video edits even if you don’t have any video content to provide. We’ll announce more partnership in the coming month (press agencies, video databases, and much more)

With our enterprise edition, we can index all your videos archives in your version of Tellers to create edits leveraging your own wealth of data.

tellers machine learning matrix

Cutting Edge technology

At Tellers, we strike a balance between innovation and pragmatism. We’ve developed tailor made machine learning and signal processing algorithms to meet the needs of our most demanding users.

Facilitate Business Integration

We provide dedicated integration and support for companies aspiring to unlock the full potential of Tellers. By leveraging your internal wealth of videos and media, you can generate edits based on the content you already possess.

For larger media companies with data-privacy constraints, we offer on-premise solutions to meet your needs.

    • 1gb of storage
    • 10 video generation
    • 20 gb of storage
    • 50 video generations
    • custom sources
    • HD export
    • Full access to all features
    • Indexing company content for generation
    • Dedicated support
    • Custom integration with internal softwares

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